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Cardio Zone 2 May Be the Best Kind of Heart Rate Training

Do you end every cardio session red as a beet and sweating profusely? While getting your heart rate close to your maximum has its benefits, not every workout needs to be incredibly intense. In fact, training at a lower heart rate can actually be beneficial for you. Among them is cardio zone 2.

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WomanEL talks about this form of training, its benefits and why we should all be doing this easier form of exercise more often .

What is cardio zone 2?

“Zone 2 training is a form of aerobic exercise that can be defined as 65-70% of your maximum heart rate,” explains Richard Malpass, personal trainer and founder of the FACTR gym.

“This would mean training with pulse rate is about 120-140 beats per minute. For most people this will be an easy pace, a little harder than the warm-up, but can be maintained for a long period of time.”

Cardio zone 2: what are the benefits

Like any form of exercise, zone two benefits your muscles and cardiovascular system. “Training in the second zone increases your endurance by improving bone density and muscle adaptation, while reducing the likelihood of injury with regular use,” says GB athletics coach Arge Tiruchelvam.

“It is particularly effective at capillarization, the process of increasing the number of capillaries that serve the muscles and thus improve your muscular and aerobic endurance by delivering oxygen to that area of ​​the body.”

According to Malpass, the benefits go beyond just the physical changes: “It can be a much more social activity. The barrier to entry for this type of training is lower since you can spend time talking and won't be too tired.”

Yes, it's good for beginners, but even professionals should train in the second zone, says Tiruchelvam. “Runners and cyclists often overlook this because it's 'not hard,' but it should be an integral component of their training,” he says.

How to do zone 2 cardio

What workouts are zone 2 cardio, Source: freepik.com

First, you need to choose a workout. You can use any form of cycling cardio, such as running, cycling, rowing, or even brisk walking. Avoid HIIT or strength training because they cause your heart rate to rise and fall rather than stay within one zone.

“Many people have difficulty slowing down enough to stay in the second zone, and their heart rate often exceeds desired,” says Malpass. “So when choosing a method, make sure you choose something you are good at and have some element of control over the pace or intensity.”

The best method is the one you like best. If you prefer walking to riding a stationary bike at the gym, that's absolutely fine.

How to measure cardio zones 2

If you're serious attitude about staying in the zone, use a tracker. You can either measure your maximum heart rate and then set it to 65-70%, or just aim to keep it in the general range of 120-140 bpm.

If you don't have a tracker or don't like to use it, try the speaking test. If you can maintain a steady conversation while exercising, then you are probably in zone 2, whereas if your conversation seems stilted and choppy (due to fatigue), then you may have strayed into zone 3 or higher, which is more intense.

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