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Cat TV space: seeing furries on the TV screen

Of course, animals see the world differently than people. But cat owners noticed with what interest their pets watched what was happening on the TV screen. In fact, the cat's TV space is full of more than just flickering pictures or spots of color.

ContentHow do cats perceive color? Do cats perceive images

WomanEL tells you what exactly cats see and what programs they especially like to watch with their owners. Modern plasma TVs with frame rates greater than 60 Hz give cats a clearer picture and attract more attention. Old televisions (50 Hz and below) gave cats' vision rather blurred and disfigured contours.

Cat TV space. Source: pinterest.com

How cats perceive color

It is known that animals see the world around them not as colorful as people see it. Cats do not perceive some colors at all, so for them the picture on the screen is not as bright as for humans.

The spectrum of shades recorded by the pet's photoreceptors differs from what a person sees. This feature is due to the structure of the animal’s retina.

Some scientists believe that the cat only recognizes blue and gray colors, while others believe that it also sees yellow, green and red. Interestingly, the photoreceptors of a cat's visual system can distinguish more than two dozen variations of gray color. This ability is another specific feature of the animal, since gray is the color of birds and rodents that the cat hunts.

Fluffy pets watch with interest what is happening on the TV screen. Source: pinterest.com

Do cats accept the image

Cats understand what is happening on the screen and perceive the image. They may not be able to see the picture in the same detail and colors as humans, but it still grabs their attention.

Lights and rapidly changing sounds and sights can arouse furry furry curiosity. At the same time, they can react to sudden movements. It is also believed that cats perceive what is happening on the screen as reality.

This can be confirmed by the behavior of animals when they see an image of their prey. Often the fluffies will start moving and try to catch the mice or birds they see on the screen. Some cats may even attack the screen in an attempt to catch potential prey.

For the first time, seeing fast objects on the screen, the cat immediately decides to catch them. True, cats are very smart to fall for this bait more than two or three times. Pupils can quite easily understand that the coveted game lives inside a strange box, and therefore chasing after it is a futile task.

Invite fluffy watch a sports match. Source: pinterest.com

Scientists have discovered that cats distinguish between the movement of living and inanimate objects on the screen. Falling leaves or the flight of a ball are unlikely to attract tailed animals. But football players running after a ball or a cheetah hunting will definitely arouse interest.

So, you can safely experiment with your own cat and select an individual film repertoire for it. Cats will appreciate vivid documentaries about the lives of their own kind, and they will also be interested in the cartoon about blue gnomes “The Smurfs.” And also invite your fluffy to watch a sports match if the players take to the field wearing uniforms in cool shades.

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