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Cinema with the aroma of coffee: 3 non-trivial films for real coffee lovers

Happy people love real cinema and coffee, and the modern world cannot imagine its life without it. They drink it at home for breakfast, during business brunches and when traveling, they savor it, talk about it with passion, create coffee museums and film fragrant masterpieces.

Content“Coffee Town” (2013)”Coffee and Cigarettes” (2003)”Out of Africa” ​​( 1985) Cinema with the aroma of coffee. Source: Instagram

Today WomanEL gives pleasure from watching an atmospheric movie as well as from a cup of good coffee.

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“Coffee Town” (2013)

An incredible coffee story from American screenwriter and director Brad Copeland. The plot centers on a cafe called “Coffee Town.”

The cafe has become the main thing The hero named Will is a real place of power, because he spends most of his day here. Here he drinks his cup of coffee and gets a free Wi-Fi access point, with which he makes websites for his customers. And also watches people rushing back and forth.

But suddenly Will learns that the owner of the cafe wants to turn it into a glamorous bar. The man is ready to prevent these changes and save his favorite coffee place…

“Coffee and cigarettes” (2003)

A deep comedy drama by the brilliant Jim Jarmusch, actually a series of short black and white films. They are disguised as a full-length film, the director shot piece by piece over 17 long years.

The most frank conversations can only take place with two conditions: the presence of coffee and cigarettes. Jarmusch thought so, and so will you after watching.

These are eleven short stories with the participation of brilliant actors, showmen and musicians. Drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, the film's characters argue to the point of madness, joke with each other, make thoughtful conclusions and tell senseless fables.

The depth of the film is added by little things, the interior, the exterior, everything that people sometimes grab onto in search of truth or to pour out your soul. A whole collection of eccentrics discuss a variety of topics: caffeinated ice cream, the true method of making English tea, the inventions of Nikola Tesla, the defunct rock band Squrl, Paris in the 1920s and the use of nicotine as an insect repellent…

Surprisingly, many actors quit smoking before playing in this film.
An incredibly simple, light and fragrant film for lovers of high-quality and non-trivial cinema.

“From Africa” ​​( 1985)

An unusually beautiful and heartwarming film by Sydney Pollack, based on a true story , won seven Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Cinematography and Best Set Design. Young, charming and ambitious, Meryl Streep showed how risky but exciting the process of growing coffee can be.

Streep played Baroness Karen, who went to Kenya to pick up her husband. The couple moved to Africa, where they started a coffee plantation. However, Karen quickly found herself there alone. The baron, instead of working on the plantation, prefers hunting and entertainment.

A lonely woman is trying to build a relationship with Denis Finch Gaton, a local hunter. In the very heart of Africa, where the bitterness of coffee mixes with the hot sun, she met her true and only love…

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