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Combo 11-12 lines in Hamster Kombat: what cards are selected today

Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) is a unique game that has conquered the world of cryptocurrencies and Web3. Launched in the spring of 2024, it introduces Rodzinka into clicker games, which are based on the simulation of a real cryptocurrency exchange. This game, based on Telegram, allows you to become the CEO of the guy who runs his own virtual cryptocurrency exchange. As you continue playing, you will earn in-game currency for clicks and input. This currency can then be converted into HMSTR tokens, the official cryptocurrency of Hamster Kombat. What kind of plant needs to be eliminated? One of the most popular are combo cards: you can collect a combination of cards 11-12 in Hamster Kombat to accumulate 5 million coins in your bag.

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WomanEL considers that it is necessary to divide resources wisely. And so you yourself strive to expand the scope of activity and the impact of your exchange on the virtual market of mushrooms.

Combo 11-12 linya Hamster Kombat: buyable and upgradeable with cards

Click on the combo of the day at the top of the menu. Next, you need to select the required section, and in that section, select the card that activates your combo of the day. And so with other cards. Ushogo cards 3.

We can buy and upgrade them until 15:00 of the coming day. City – 5 million, as well as other benefits of the skin card. Are you ready?

11-12 pm these cards:

Map – Cointelegraph. Rozdil – PR&Team.

Map – YouTube Gold Button. Rozdil – Specials.

Map – Vesting Smartcontracts. Rozdil – Web3.

What combo cards to buy in Hamster Kombat 12 linden, Dzherelo: womanEL + Hamster Kombat

Tsia Is the combination too expensive for you? Then enter the correct code in Morse Code. Axis is a new secret word.

TOP -10 games similar to Hamster Kombat

Don’t waste your opportunity to join other promising projects. It is possible, just like Notcoin (and, hopefully, Hamster Kombat!), will one time give you real earnings on crypto exchanges:

  • PixelVerse
  • TapSwap< /li>
  • MemeFi
  • Wormfare
  • Harvest MOON
  • Click Arbuz
  • Catizen
  • Blum< /li>
  • Near Wallet
  • Avacoin

Development of the Hamster Kombat gri-clicker

Gravts are excited to see the release of HMSTR tokens on other crypto exchanges. Listing may be available on some of them:

  • BingX – reliable and reliable with the internet;
  • BINANCE – reliable and stable, easy to use functionality;
  • KUCOIN – profitable commissions, a lot of cryptocurrencies, more and more;
  • OKX – this crypto exchange has an intuitive interface, which is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.
  • GateIO – hopefully great selection of trading pairs, supporting the neutrality of cryptocurrencies;
  • ByBit – availability of exchange on servers, a wide client base and advanced technologies;
  • WhiteBit – included in the top most secure crypto exchanges in the world.

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