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Combo cards 11 in PixelTap: heroes that will bring you millions of coins

According to the official website of PixelTap by PixelVerse, it already has over 15 million users. As the writers write, it’s not just a game, “it’s a canvas of sweetness,” “but part of the Pixelverse means more than just playing a game; This means losing your trace from the whole world.” Sound forced. Among the number of crypto-gamblers, PixelTap is truly unique. So hurry up and get to the point of sleepiness. And since you have already earned it, continue developing your heroes. It's easier to earn money if you only have coins to spend. And to earn them, you don’t just need to take part in battles. Pick up a combo – new cards 11 and your favorites will bring you millions of coins from PixelTap. A number of prizes will be raised and stored after you get into the game.

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WomanEL proposes not to waste time and to choose the best combo of the day. It was reported about 3 nights.

Combo cards 11 lines in PixelTap: collect 4 pets

Go to the bot-groove, select the Rewards tab. There you will find Daily Combo – all that you need. It is necessary not to click on pets (loved ones), but to drag them into empty fields/rooms.

It is important to work with respect so as not to get confused. Otherwise, the combo will burn out, and you won’t waste millions of coins today.

Which combination and which songs are relevant for 11 years? Until 3 nights, collect the upcoming combination:

New combo cards 11 line from PixelTap, Dzherelo: PixelTap < h2 id= "%d1%82%d0%be%d0%bf10-%d1%96%d0%b3%d0%be%d1%80-%d1%8f%d0%ba%d1%96-%d1%81%d1 %85%d0%be%d0%b6%d1%96-%d0%bd%d0%b0-pixeltap" class="rb-heading-index-1 wp-block-heading">TOP 10 games that are similar to PixelTap

Clicker games, which do not require you to invest anything, but open before you the path to additional earnings on crypto exchanges, are actively developing. How can I turn them around? We would like to show respect to these popular projects:

  1. Hamster Kombat
  2. TapSwap
  3. MemeFi
  4. Blum
  5. < li>Harvest MOON

  6. Click Arbuz
  7. Catizen
  8. Near Wallet
  9. Wormfare
  10. Avacoin

PixelTap Prospects

After the success of Notcoin, many more projects like PixelTap and Hamster Kombat will reach millions of people around the world. On some exchanges, it may be possible to sell $Pixfi tokens:

  • BingX – reliable and reliable in exchange;
  • BINANCE – reliable and stable, easy to use functionality;
  • KUCOIN – profitable commissions, a lot of cryptocurrencies, updated and released;
  • OKX – this crypto exchange has an intuitive interface, so it’s suitable for both beginners and is already suitable For other traders.
  • GateIO – offers a large selection of trading pairs, supporting the confidentiality of cryptocurrencies;
  • ByBit – availability of exchange on servers, a wide client base and advanced technologies;
  • WhiteBit – one of the top safest cryptocurrencies in the world .

I guess that Hamster Kombat has also undergone updates. Now you need to reveal this secret word.

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