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Cool job for 16-year-olds to start making money

Are you ready to earn a little more pennies and be more independent from your father? So you, melodiously, want to earn a salary at 16. Whether you want to work in a company, or be a boss, everything you need is a little creativity and a bunch of good haircuts.

ContentTo earn a allowance at 16: bagger/cashier/warehouse worker at a grocery store Cashier for a restaurant/cook/waiter To earn a allowance at 16: small business workerTutor services To earn a allowance at 16: dog walker NannyDe to earn Pick-up at 16: social security manager Hotel worker

There is no need to occupy , which will help you earn money for spending money, save up for university, or earn your contribution from spending money. WomanEL share the most popular ones.

How to earn a ticket at 16: bagger/cashier/warehouse clerk at a grocery store

Most grocery stores have a robot for 16-year-old employees who are ready to pack products and serve customers. Take a look at this robot, as you should get along with people. Some of these stores can also hire 16-hour employees to hire cashiers and warehousemen. You will need to check with the specific company which is covered.

Restaurant cashier/cook/waiter

Restaurants are wonderful places to work. And most of them hire 16-17 year olds. Many teenagers begin their careers in restaurants, often in the fast food sector. At stores like McDonald's, you can work as a cashier or cook food. In most sought-after restaurants you can work as a table cleaner or dishwasher.

Are you addicted to phones? We suggest getting rid of them and trying out these hobby options.

Where to make money at 16: a worker of small business

If you want to find out how businesses really operate, think about those to help small businesses. The advantage of working in a small company lies in the fact that you can have more varied skills and abilities to start earning money for a pittance. Having earned the trust and respect of the ruler, you will be able to quickly reject more words and opportunities. This is a wonderful preparation for your future career.

You can search for local companies to find out potential opportunities, and using word of mouth can be the best way to find vacancies in your locality. It’s also a good idea to try a proven strategy – walk through the center of the place, checking the windows to see if there are “Help Needed” signs. And there is nothing nasty about just going to the business and asking, and not taking the stink of subs to work.

Tutor services

If you are a good reader and love to help people, you may be able to earn some money by working as a tutor. Most often, children (and perhaps adults!) need help with subjects such as mathematics, natural sciences, English and other foreign languages.

Earn a subscription at 16: dog walker

Dog walker is one of the easiest ways earn pennies, Dzherelo: freepik.com

If you love dogs, a dog walker robot may be right for you. Let people in your area know that you are looking for the opportunity to earn extra money by helping pets like this. If you are reliable and trustworthy, you will be able to get clients whose dogs you will walk every day, as well as those who will resort to your services when they are allowed out. If you do your job well, you will most likely get even more clients.


Nanny is one of the simplest jobs for children. Why is it necessary for others to know about you? You need a good reputation, reliability, availability and, perhaps, fathers, which will confirm your maturity. This can be a good way to earn extra pennies without having to commit to a demanding work schedule.

Where to earn a subscription at 16: social media manager

Are you able to develop your account on Instagram or Twitter? Practice your skills in practice, maintaining your presence in social networks of businesses and people in your area. You can work on a casual basis. You will need a strong presence at the meeting to show that you have everything you need to make your accounts more prominent.

Hotel Practitioner

Do you live near a tourist destination? There will be no shortages in summer work in hotels. In the warmer climates, the season may be in-flight, and in the mountain resorts – in winter.

There are a number of places where hotels can hire a 16-bed carrier – especially during the high season. A strong or efficient registration desk worker – for emergency plantings that may be available. There may also be a number of vacancies at a restaurant or a souvenir shop at a hotel.

As you need to enter the profession, please read this material.

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