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Coperni created a handbag out of thin air weighing 33 grams: what will fit in it?

The French brand Coperni created the Air Swipe bag from the lightest material in the world – silica aerogel. Designers Arnaud Vaillant and Sebastian Meyer presented a futuristic handbag at Paris Fashion Week, says WomanEL.

As Harper's BAZAAR writes, the new accessory from Coperni is an almost transparent egg-shaped muff. It weighs only 33 grams and measures 27x16x6 cm. The space bag is made of nanomaterial, which NASA uses to collect comet dust.

Futuristic Air Swipe bag. Source: Instagram Coperni created a handbag containing 33 grams. Dzherelo: Instagram

It can withstand extreme temperatures of 1200°C and pressure 4000 times its weight. Air Swipe is the largest object in history made from this nanomaterial used in space technology,

noted the brand.

When asked how to use such a handbag and what can be hidden in it, Coperni replied that it can accommodate an iPhone. The cost of such a nano-accessory is 3,600 euros, and its production takes 8-10 weeks. Considering the uniqueness of the item, it cannot be returned…

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