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Daniel Salem surprised with a huge patriotic tattoo on his entire back

TV presenter and soldier Daniel Salem wows his fans with a new tattoo for Christmas. He decided to make a special gift, choosing a Ukrainian theme for this. Now on his back there is a huge Ukrainian embroidered shirt, stylized in the shape of DNA, writes WomanEL.

A video of the process of creating this unique tattoo was published on the TV presenter’s Instagram, where he shared the stages and emotions of this special event. Together with tattoo artists, Salem realized his patriotic plan to tattoo an embroidered pattern on his back, symbolizing Ukrainian genes.

Blogger Oleg Mashukovsky married his boyfriend: wedding footage Ukrainian singer is preparing to represent Moldova at Eurovision 2024 Daniel Salem put not only a tattoo on his back, but also a drop of the Ukrainian soul, presenting an amazing embroidered shirt in the shape of DNA. Source: instagram.com/daniel_jihad_salem

Made a gift for Christmas! Ukrainian DNA flows in my veins, and when I came with this idea to the guys from the studio, they liked the idea of ​​​​the tattoo and immediately got to work,

noted the celebrity.

The tattoo session lasted six hours, however, according to Salem, it only hurt for about 40 minutes when the master worked in the area of ​​the ribs and shoulder blade. The rest of the time the atmosphere of fun and warmth reigned. In the video you can see moments when the TV presenter expresses emotions due to pain, but the result is worth it – the black and red embroidery now pleases the military man.

Look at this addition on Instagram

Addition, expansion Daniel Salem (@daniel_jihad_salem)

Reaction of the Network:

  • How do you do this, I will never agree to this. To endure such pain;
  • You gave yourself a gift, and yet you scream;
  • What an incredible patriotic tattoo!

Casting Ukrainian culture and celebrating your roots, Daniel Salem continues to amaze his audiences and make his mark in the world of art and expression. By the way, he recently showed how he shoots a rifle at a shooting range.

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