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Deadpool, Wolverine and a lot of blood: watch the full trailer for the Marvel film

The only full-length Marvel film to be released in 2024 is Deadpool and Wolverine. After the first short teaser, together with WomanEL, we watch the full trailer for the film with an R rating.

The film will become part of the Marvel Multiverse Saga, uniting the Marvel and X-Men cinematic universes. It is not a sequel to the previous Deadpool films with Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool, Wolverine and a lot of blood. Source: Instagram

Deadpool and Wolverine received an R rating for a reason: there will be a lot of blood, violence and jokes below the belt. In the new part, Deadpool and Wolverine will work together. The director of the film is Shawn Levy. The roles of Deadpool and Wolverine were played by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. It is also expected that Jennifer Garner will appear in the film as Electra.

The first teaser, published back in February, became the most popular of all time and received 365 million views.

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