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Decreased cognitive function: 4 ways to boost your brain's cognitive reserves

We all want to grow old and be sane. The problems of dementia development concern not only the elderly, but also young people. Unfortunately, it is reported that by 2050 the number of cases of dementia will triple. However, this does not mean that nothing can be done. We can influence the decline in cognitive functions.

ContentWhat are cognitive reserves? Cognitive decline: is it too late for you to create a brain bank? Cognitive decline: how to accumulate the necessary balance?

It turns out that to do this you just need to build up your cognitive reserves. WomanEL will explain what it is and how to create your own “brain bank”.

What What are cognitive reserves?

You can think of cognitive reserve as your brain's ability to improvise and find alternative ways of doing work. This reflects how flexible your brain is in using skills and abilities to solve problems and cope with difficulties. Cognitive reserve develops through lifelong learning and curiosity.

Research suggests that people who have these cognitive reserves pumped up may not show symptoms of dementia, even if their brain structural changes match it. And it's not just dementia, but also other brain diseases such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis or stroke. Scientists did this by analyzing the brain in autopsies in the 1980s.

If you take care of your brain bank, you can improve your quality of life as you age.

Cognitive decline: is it too late for you to create a brain bank?

Again, as we said, you can start at any time. When, preferably earlier, from childhood. But even if you are now 30 or already 50, 60, it’s not too late to start. Learning, being curious, and building cognitive reserves will take some effort and time on your part. But it will all pay off.

Decreased cognitive functions: how to accumulate the necessary balance?

Learning a foreign language helps replenish cognitive reserves, Source:

Invest in your brain like in a piggy bank. Do something healthy every day to support normal functioning, strengthen memory and prevent dementia:

  1. As scientists say, everyone needs enriching life experiences. What does it mean? Exciting work, presence of purpose and meaning in life. If you have always dreamed of visiting Spain, think about how you can realize this goal. If you don't like your job, consider changing your job.
  2. Combine leisure, learning and social interaction. Ideally, your hobbies should include these elements. For example, learning a foreign language helps to accumulate a brain bank. Practice it with friends, a teacher, or a native speaker.
  3. Eat right. Add antioxidants (vegetables, fruits), healthy fats, Omega-3 to your diet.
  4. Do cardio exercises. It doesn't have to be running; walking will do. We don't think about it, but cardio can help ensure healthy blood flow to the brain. And this, in turn, has a positive effect on increasing cognitive abilities.

Don’t forget to also feed your brain with healthy supplements! Here are some that reduce the risk of dementia.

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