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Dedicated to military doctors: the incognito group Muesli UA presented an exhibition photo project in the capital

On February 27, the grand opening of the social photo exhibition «UA Muesli takes off their masks», dedicated to military doctors, took place in the Gulliver shopping center, reports WomanEL. The Incognito Muesli UA group revealed their faces to show the faces of our defenders and heroes, who are often hidden behind call signs.

Muesli UA take off the masks. Source: WomanEL.

Incognito, the creators of Muesli UA, in collaboration with the charitable foundation REPOWER, which provides support to military doctors in overcoming complex psychological difficulties, restoring strength and regaining motivation for service in the combat zone, created a photo exhibition, revealing the faces of those who save the lives of our defenders every day.

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Muesli UA — This is every Ukrainian who hid their real stories behind a mask. The photographic portraits reveal the life paths of eight military men, their successes and difficulties, losses and achievements during the war. The main goal of the exhibition — open your face to the military, doctors and everyone who helps bring victory closer.

Marina Sadykova, co-founder of REPOWER. Source: WomanEL.

The organizers of the photo exhibition say:

Together with military doctors who have undergone psychological rehabilitation
REPOWER, Muesli UA want to draw attention to those who are real
heroes of the present, but do not always show their faces.

The photo exhibition presents such personalities as military paramedic Alexandra (Alaska) Lisitskaya, sanitary instructor of the battalion medical center Sergei Achkasov, platoon combat medic Alexey Novoseltsev, military neurologist Vasily Sozansky, combat paramedic Anastasia Podobaylo, medical crew driver Sergei (Artist) Bordenyuk, combat medics Oleg Svistun and Nikolai Yasinenko.

Singer Masha Danilova visited the exhibition. Source: WomanEL.

Exhibition «Muesli UA takes off their masks» takes place in the Gulliver shopping center from February 23 to March 7, located on the 2nd floor. This initiative is accompanied by a charity fundraiser, and the REPOWER Foundation together with Muesli UA have a goal of collecting 750,000 hryvnia for the psychological recovery of 10 combat medics who continuously save lives on the front line.

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