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Delayed life syndrome: how to overcome the habit of living “later”

A person thinks that someday the ideal moment will come in his life to start living the way he wants. It's worth being patient and waiting for it. However, such a psychological attitude only takes away valuable time and does not lead to any positive results. WomanEL tells how to overcome delayed life syndrome.

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What is deferred life syndrome

A feature of deferred life syndrome is that a person lives the present as something unreal. She accepts life now as a transit point and a moment.

This is a psychological state in which you live in constant anticipation of illusory happiness. At the same time, there is always an excuse for postponing moments of joy: “I’ll lose weight, then I’ll wear the desired dress,” “I’ll get married, then I’ll be happy,” “Now is not the time, after the war,” etc.

Delayed life syndrome is not dissatisfaction with life. With this term, scientists describe its postponement until a certain decisive moment. For each person this event will be individual.

Now we have the main event that we are waiting for – this is victory. Therefore, we can think that we will begin to live only after it. Then everything will finally be fine, we will experience and live emotions openly. In the meantime, it seems to be inappropriate to rejoice.

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What could be the consequences

It should be noted that prolonged stay in this state has a negative impact on all areas of a person’s life: professional, special, social, etc. A harmful psychological state can lead a person to form false ideas about himself and his priorities, and also cause the development of apathy or depression.

Such people are afraid to make a decision. They are dissatisfied with their lives and compare themselves with others who are wealthier, more successful and well-groomed.

How to deal with delayed life syndrome

Everything here is individual and it can be difficult to eradicate behavioral strategies that have accumulated over years and generations. Some will have to recognize and deny a number of toxic attitudes during a session with a psychologist, and some can cope on their own, although not without difficulty.

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