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Digital “resurrection”: the creepy Chinese Chi trend is gaining popularity

Digital “resurrection” is one of the areas of use of generative AI in China. Developers are developing special chat bots that help people cope with stress after the death of loved ones, says WomanEL.

As Itc writes, bots gained particular popularity in early April, when China began to celebrate Qingming, the festival of worship. ancestors and cleaning graves. Creating one “dead bot” can now cost several hundred dollars.

Digital “resurrection”. Source: pinterest.com

A creepy Chinese trend has taken grief to a new level and made it accessible to a wider audience. To make it more realistic, specialized companies transform text responses into voice responses and even reproduce the appearance of dead people.

Chinese funeral services company Fushouyuan is working on a feature that would allow the deceased to appear at their own memorial services as SHI avatars. Some companies, in order to promote their products, have already launched advertisements with AI versions of famous deceased actors and singers.

And although the technology is most widespread in China, other countries are not lagging behind. In Taiwan, a tech startup launched an application with SHI avatars of deceased pets.

Early versions of tribulations can be found in several American companies and research projects. HereAfter AI offers to save the personas of deceased users if they download records with their memories. In Canada in 2021, Joshua Barbu used Project December to create a chatbot for his girlfriend, who died eight years ago.

The creepy Chinese SHI trend is gaining popularity. Source: pinterest.com

The documentary “Seeing You” was shot in South Korea. In the film, a woman meets her deceased seven-year-old daughter in virtual reality. Some viewers believe it is emotional manipulation, but the woman said she was “in a pleasant dream.”

For now, digital “resurrection” is part of a global trend in creating avatars. People around the world are using artificial intelligence to imitate their loved ones, deceased loved ones, celebrities or even themselves.

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