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Dmitry Stupka decided to marry again

The famous Ukrainian actor Dmitry Stupka is going to get married again. He recently announced a divorce from his ex-wife, and now he has hinted that he intends to marry a second time, writes WomanEL.

The 37-year-old actor, who emigrated to America, declassified plans for a second wedding on his social networks. Dmitry Stupka announced his intention to get engaged to singer Yulia Barabanova. The event caused active discussions among his fans and friends after a photo of the actor with his new beloved, taken in one of the restaurants in Las Vegas.

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One of the commentators-friends, Yana Sitnichenko, noted that the couple suits each other perfectly, emphasizing their harmony union. To which she received an interesting answer.

Dmitry Stupka announced plans for a second wedding with singer Yulia Barabanova. Source: instagram.com/stupka777

Thank you, Yanochka. We're having a wedding in Hawaii,

the star wrote.

Wedding planning continues, and according to the actor himself, the ceremony will take place in Hawaii. This place was chosen by the future newlyweds to officially register their union. Dmitry Stupka and Yulia Barabanova began building their relationship in August 2023. And although the actor broke up with his previous beloved, they remain on good terms, focusing on raising their common daughter.

Thus, Dmitry Stupka is probably preparing for a new stage in his life, opening a new chapter of happiness together with your chosen one. Some followers are considering the idea that it was a joke, but the passion between the lovers definitely exists. Even if now they are only joking about the wedding. By the way, they were recently spotted kissing passionately.

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