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Do smoothies raise your blood sugar? Unexpected answer from experts

When it comes to quick, easy, and healthy breakfasts, smoothies often come out on top. They think juices are healthier. But, as you might expect, in an era of panic over how to lower blood sugar, smoothies are now at the forefront.

ContentHow to maintain normal blood sugar levels: are smoothies harmful? Are whole fruits better than smoothies? 3 ways to make smoothies nutritious, to maintain normal blood sugar levels Use no more than 2 fruits Add fiber Load protein

They say that smoothies quickly raise it, because there is no fiber. But is it? Should you give up smoothies? Here's what WomanEL found out.

How to Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels: Are Smoothies Bad for You?

We don't need to worry about normal fluctuations in blood glucose levels due to foods like fruits or smoothies because people who don't have diabetes are quite capable of managing it without any harm.

In other words, for most of us, all this hype about glucose spikes is just noise. “Hurting is a completely normal function of the human body and is not a concern for most people,” says Rohini Baekal, nutritionist and co-author of Life Without PCOS.

“After we consume carbohydrates (like fruits and vegetables), they are broken down into sugars, which enter the bloodstream and deliver energy to the muscles.” She says a smoothie containing only fruit will have a greater impact on blood sugar than a smoothie with extra fat and protein, but the “spike” itself isn't something to worry about and there's no conclusive evidence to support that. that these normal fluctuations are harmful for people without diabetes.

So she says smoothies are a “totally” healthy meal or snack. But she also says smoothies should be more than just a mixture of fruits, vegetables and water. “They can be a great carrier of nutrients such as healthy fats, including plant milk, avocado, soy yogurt, ground flaxseed, chia seeds, nuts, nut butters or tahini, which make smoothies more filling. These ingredients also boost the protein content—you can even use silken tofu or vegan protein powder.

“Top with nut butter and add some granola for crunch or fresh fruits and seeds. You can also add fresh herbs such as mint for a refreshing taste or cinnamon.”

Are whole fruits better than smoothies?

Are there any benefits to eating whole fruit? “For me, as a nutritionist, eating or chopping fruit is not a big deal,” says Sophie Medlin, director and specialist nutritionist at CityDietitians. “As long as people eat a lot of plants, they will be fine. However, chopping fruits and vegetables will mean you get less insoluble fiber (the type of fiber that comes from the skin and seeds), so it can reduce the bulk of your stool, making it harder for it to move along your intestines.” But she also says smoothies contain plenty of soluble fiber, so your gut bacteria will still have something to eat.

The only people who are better off eating whole foods rather than smoothies most of the time are people who struggle with blood sugar control, such as women with PCOS or prediabetes.

3 ways to make a smoothie nutritious to maintain normal blood sugar levels

How to make a smoothie that's nutritious Source: freepik.com

Dr. Idress Mughal (also known as Dr. Idz) offers three tips for making the most nutritious smoothie:

Use no more than 2 fruits

Along with milk, he recommends eating two fruits and more vegetables. If you're concerned about sugar, make one of these fruits a berry, as they tend to be less sweet and rich in antioxidants and other micronutrients. Just keep in mind that mixing bananas and berries can ruin the nutrients in the berries, so you may want to keep them separate.

Add Fiber

Adding more fiber will slow your energy production, meaning your smoothie will keep you fuller for longer .

Load protein

< p>Add a protein source such as Greek yogurt or plant-based protein powder to balance the macronutrients.

If you prefer to drink a smoothie before your workout, you need to be careful. In some cases this is a bad idea.

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