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Dragon in a bottle: 3 amazing fragrances dedicated to a mythical creature

In Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of good luck, prosperity and success. This divine being forms a bridge between heaven and earth, and also personifies the balance of the elements. WomanEL offers to start the Year of the Dragon brightly and stylishly, inspired by deep mystical aromas.

ContentDraconis, Tiziana TerenziNeroli Outrenoir, GuerlainAuspicious Dragon, Rituals Dragon in a bottle. Source: Instagram

Draconis, Tiziana Terenzi

An exclusive aroma with an unusual combination of citrus and aromatic, spicy, woody, earthy and amber notes. Graceful, sparkling, bright, like a star stream that will fulfill your wishes.

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Draconis is a perfume dedicated to the star of the Draco constellation. It is from this part of the galaxy that the spectacular draconids fly to us – a bright stream of meteors. This cosmic fragrance will amaze lovers of exclusives with its exquisite combination.

Draconis, Tiziana Terenzi. Source: Instagram

The corporate style of the bottles, which are created personally by Tiziana, the designer and creative director of the brand, is also noteworthy. Golden cylindrical bottles are a combination of minimalism in form and luxury design.

The first impression consists of fresh, sparkling, invigorating citrus notes of lemon, grapefruit and bergamot. They are replaced by a striking central accord of spicy allspice and menthol-floral exquisite geranium. This combination gives a feeling of both energy and coolness.

Draconis, Tiziana Terenzi. Source: Instagram

The impression is completed by the woody-smoky, dark chocolate sound of vetiver, complemented by the oriental accent of heard, the resinous color of olibanum and the sensual, attractive magic of amber.

Neroli Outrenoir, Guerlain

Neroli Outrenoir, Guerlain. Source: Instagram

The luxurious bottle, created by the Parisian jeweler of Italian origin Francesco Truscelli, contains the mile-winter fragrance Neroli Outrenoir from the L’Art & La Matière. It is as bright as dragon scales. The note of neroli in it is offset by the freshness of bergamot, petitgrain and a smoky accord of tea. This gives the fragrance a dark tone, complex and captivating at the same time.

In 2024, the iconic Flacon aux Abeilles bottle is made in bright red tones and adorned with a luxurious golden dragon figurine. Designed by Francesco Truscelli and his L’Atelier Truscelli, the mythical symbol of the year is embodied in brass by the craftsmen of Gonthiez Freres.

Neroli Outrenoir, Guerlain. Source: Instagram

Its scales are polished by hand, then immersed in a bath of pure 24-karat gold. Next, a pavé of 142 Swarovski crystals is encrusted and 4 more drop crystals are added, hanging on chains. Limited to 1,855 hand-decorated and numbered bottles.

Auspicious Dragon, Rituals

Auspicious Dragon is a limited edition perfume composition with a spicy-sweet combination of vanilla, tonka bean and cedar wood. Inspired by ancient Chinese stories of dragons and their mythical power, this fragrance was created with the idea that we carry an invisible force within us.

Auspicious Dragon, Rituals. Source: Instagram

Auspicious Dragon is a fruity-woody gourmand fragrance with a pronounced sweet fruity accord, in which the leading note is plum. Olibanum and tonka bean form a dark and sweet base.

The spice blend of olibanum and tonka bean, complemented by cedar wood, reveals a warm, spicy heart. Jasmine adds brightness to the scent, and when dry, it reveals a rich, intense signature that makes it bold and deeply soothing.

Perhaps mystical scents will inspire good deeds, and the new year will bring hope and joy. For some, this hope is to become parents, but find out how to adopt a child in Ukraine here.

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