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Elena Kravets's eldest daughter and her brother made the audience laugh

Today, funny footage from the everyday life of the famous actress and TV presenter Elena Kravets appeared on social networks. Her eldest daughter Maria arranged a real holiday for fans by publishing rare moments with her younger brother Vanya, writes WomanEL.

In one of the photographs you can see the TV presenter’s youngest son lying on the floor with an astonished expression on his face, reflecting real emotions, obviously recorded at the time of shooting. Maria added a humorous comment to this photo.

How the cheerful atmosphere in the Kravets family brought together thousands of smiles online. Source: instagram.com/maarriill

Even Vanya can’t stand it,

she wrote.

Another shot shows Vanya demonstrating his ability to hold himself with his arms and legs between the doorway, avoiding touching the floor. This unusual episode caused delight among fans, who were happy to see how Vanya grows and develops. Such photos also made subscribers laugh, adding fun to a difficult period for the country.

The extraordinary talent and joyful atmosphere that reigns in the Kravets family became a pleasant surprise for fans who are looking forward to similar moments and photos in the future. By the way, Elena Kravets recently burst into tears while talking about the difficulties of raising her children.

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