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Elena Mozgovaya spoke about beatings from her husband

Ukrainian producer Elena Mozgova amazed her fans with her frank admission that she once experienced an abusive relationship with her ex-husband. The celebrity revealed this tragic part of her past, hoping that her own experience will help other women in similar situations, writes WomanEL.

In an interview, Mozgova said that for many years she was married to a husband who not only raised his hand, but also committed moral violence. The star decided to share this experience after a woman in a similar situation approached her. In her message, Mozgova urged women not to tolerate violence and quickly leave abusive relationships, noting the importance of taking a step into a new life.

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I was sent a story and a question – what to do. I want to tell you that you cannot live with a person who humiliates and beats you! I lived with such a man for many years and I can say, don’t put off your demarche until tomorrow! Run and make a new life, no matter how difficult it is,

the celebrity expressed it.

Note that Elena Mozgovaya did not indicate which of her previous husbands she was referring to. It is known that before her marriage to David Axelrod, she was married three times. Her first husband was Ukrainian hockey player Valentin Oletsky, the second was a man named Dmitry, and the third was singer Alexander Ponomarev, with whom the producer has a daughter, Evgenia.

With her frank confession, Elena Mozgovaya became an important voice for those who may be in such difficult situations. By the way, it recently became known that Oleg Sobchuk was an abuser and abused his wife.

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