• 20/07/2024 02:44

Elon Musk named the next city to be captured by Russia

52-year-old American engineer Elon Musk gave his forecast for the military situation in Ukraine, WomanEL learned. The inventor believes that if the war drags on, the Russians will be able to occupy or destroy the Ukrainian city of Odessa.

The longer the war continues, the more territory Russia will seize, until will not reach the difficult to overcome Dnieper. However, if the war continues long enough, Odessa will also fall. Whether Ukraine will lose all access to the Black Sea or not is, in my opinion, a real question that remains open, Musk wrote on the X network (formerly Twitter).

In addition, the billionaire again recommends that the Ukrainian government end the war through negotiations with Russia.

Although Elon believes that Russia has no chance of capturing all Ukraine, “since local resistance in the west of the country will be extreme,” but the Ukrainian position is weakening every day, and the military is dying just like that. Therefore, he believes that negotiations are the best solution to save part of Ukraine and people’s lives.

Recall that it recently became known that Elon Musk lost 56 billion dollars.

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