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Eurovision finalist stole song from Natalia Valevskaya

The Ukrainian music scene witnessed a scandal when the famous singer Natalya Valevskaya accused the Ukrainian finalist of the Eurovision 2024 national selection ANKA of copying her musical work. The star made this statement through her Instagram profile, where she expressed confidence that ANKA’s song “Palala” is a plagiarism of her own composition with the same name, writes WomanEL.

Natalia pointed out the similarity not only in the names of the tracks, but also in the lyrics. Valevskaya expressed her indignation, emphasizing that ANKA used images and symbols that are also characteristic of her work.

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The singer used the phrase “Palala, Padala, Palala” in the song. Do you think this is plagiarism or not? Was it a deliberate move?

the celebrity asked.

Natalia Valevskaya accused ANKA of plagiarism, revealing the similarity of their songs. Source: instagram valevska_official

In a comparative analysis of the lyrics of the songs, Valevskaya showed similarities in the phrases of the chorus, which, according to her, is the basis for the accusation.

Quote from Valevskaya’s song: “Palala, palala, palala. My sky has a star.
It fell, fell, fell. That’s what people said girko.”

Lines of the ANKA track: “Palala, Padala, Palala. The docks of the mirror fell from the sky. Palala, Padala, Palala. The docks of the star fell from the sky.”

Note that this discussion is taking place before the determination of the representative of Ukraine at international competition “Eurovision 2024”. Spectators and the jury will be elected by Ukrainians based on the voting results.

The Eurovision 2024 contest itself will be hosted by the Swedish city of Malmö, and its grand final will take place on May 11, 2024 at the Malmö Arena stadium. Representatives of 37 countries will take part in the competition, and Ukraine will be represented by one of the participants in the national selection, among whom is ANKA.

By the way, Natalya Valevskaya recently revealed the secret of her personal life.

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