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Exclusive collaboration: Irina Adonina and Elvira Gasanova at the show of a new collection in Budapest

Last week, Budapest Fashion week took place in Hungary, during which a show by Ukrainian designer Elvira Hasanova took place. Also joining the event was the Ukrainian influencer and founder of the United for Freedom charity foundation Irina Adonina, who not only organized a thematic event as part of the fashion week «THE STYLE TALK», but also became a guest model at the Elvira Hasanova show. Especially for WomanEL, the activists spoke about past events in the fashion industry and shared their impressions of participating in them.

Elvira Hasanova/Budapest Fashion week. Source: WomanEL.

Elvira, what were your impressions of the show of your collection in Budapest? How do Europeans
perceive Ukrainian brands in general?

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The impressions from the event are undoubtedly wonderful — the energy and feedback have been extremely positive. Regarding the perception of Ukrainian brands in Europe, I can say that Europeans highly value Ukrainian brands for their uniqueness, style and high quality of products. We have a great chance to convey our creativity and refined taste to the world through our collections. Thanks to the support of both Ukrainians and Europeans, our brands are gaining recognition and popularity outside of Ukraine. It's very nice to see how Ukrainian style wins hearts and harmoniously combines with European fashion trends.

How can style influence a person’s self-identification? What factors influence the formation of a person’s style?

Style influences a person's self-identification on different levels, reflecting his personality and inner beliefs. This is not only a way of self-expression, but also a means of communication with the outside world. As they say, you meet people by their clothes, and this is actually true. Even if we talk about the wardrobe, for example, of the First Lady, we always understand that these are classic suits and dresses. It's like a brand that can be read from afar and is clear in advance. The same goes for any person. Often a certain hairstyle, red lipstick or too wide eyebrows are associated with a specific face. This is what people choose with their highlights and show every time. The formation of style can be influenced by various factors, such as personal taste, life experience, social status and the like. Style — it is, first of all, about a sense of self. For example, I really love the color black and in no way agree with people who think that it is about mourning. For me black — This is a deep and strong color, which, on the contrary, reveals its essence in each individual image. But I also choose more laconic gray and white colors.

Irina Adonina/Budapest Fashion week. Source: WomanEL.

Tell us more about the collection you presented at Budapest Fashion week. What is it about?

Collection «Girl with Pepper» — This is a story about the strength of a Ukrainian woman who, during the war, took responsibility for family affairs, business and even the state. The presented images of «Girls with Pepper» not only reflect style and elegance, but also become a symbol of inner strength and determination. These women step outside of traditional roles, taking charge during difficult times that could have fallen on any family. The collection is a kind of hymn to female strength and independence. Each item of clothing reminds how women from all over Ukraine, being resilient and inventive, are able not only to preserve traditions, but also to define new standards in the modern world. This collection helps to embody pride in Ukrainian origin, at home and in the world. She is an expression of how a Ukrainian woman, while always remaining refined and charming, can be both strong and unshakable in any life situation.

Irina Adonina and Elvira Hasanova/Budapest Fashion week. Source: WomanEL.

Irina, how did you receive an offer to take part in the show from Elvira Hasanova?

This idea arose during the event «THE STYLE TALK» at Budapest Fashion Week, where Elvira was an invited guest and speaker. In the process of communication and discussions about the future show, she suggested that I close the show. Of course, I agreed, because the most important thing in our time — it's mutual support for each other. Joint projects, such as participation in shows or events, are an important step for promoting Ukrainian fashion on the world stage. They promote mutual recognition and the disclosure of creative potential, and also raise the issue of the importance of support and cooperation between talented women, representatives of Ukraine, who work in various industries, in particular on the foreign market.

Irina Adonina presents the collection «Girl with Pepper». Source: WomanEL.

Would you like to share your experience of working as a fashion show model? Did you have certain experiences before the appearance and how did you feel after?

Of course, for me it was very responsible, the last time I went on the podium was back
in my student years. Also, I personally really love the Hasanov brand, and the story of this
collection resonates with me because it is very feminine, but at the same time with character! After the show, there was an incredible atmosphere of support, everything was organized very professionally, there were many girls from Ukraine at the show, so I felt maximum support, both from the guests and from the designer.

The collection in which you participated is called «Girl with Pepper». Tell us what this means to you, what messages you wanted to convey directly?

For me personally, participation in this collection became special because it reflects those
the values ​​that guide me and which have been reflected in my life over the past years. This collection «Girl with Pepper» for me — This is not just a fashion line, but an expression of my belief that the true strength of a woman lies in the combination of femininity and determination. I am glad that modern fashion trends allow you to express femininity and masculinity at the same time, dressing in stylish and sophisticated looks. Taking out of fashion
«shapeless» things open up space for expressing our individuality and
uniqueness, providing the opportunity to be fragile and strong at the same time. I believe that in the modern world a woman can be successful in many areas — in business, in raising children, in the implementation of social missions — without losing your feminine nature. This collection amazes with its versatility and powerful energy, which opens up new horizons for defining the female image in the modern world.

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