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Famous rapper suspected of violence and human trafficking

Recently in Los Angeles, federal law enforcement agencies conducted searches at the home of rapper and music producer Sean Combs, known as Diddy, reports WomanEL. The raid was linked to a U.S. Homeland Security investigation into allegations of human trafficking, sexual assault, and illegal distribution of substances and firearms.

Diddy is currently under investigation for these serious allegations. However, the biggest shock for the public was that in the court documents there is a mention of a member of the royal family, Prince Harry, reports Forbes.

According to information, Prince Harry attended the rapper's party in 2007. However, there is no evidence of the involvement of his older brother, Prince William, in these events, who was also having fun at Combs's at the time.

< p>Under all these circumstances, it is unknown whether Prince Harry and Diddy continued to be in contact after the party. The situation remains tense, and the public is interested in the further development of events and the disclosure of this scandalous investigation.

Recall that it previously became known that Cardi B criticized the US government for funding Ukraine and Israel.

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