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Fashionable Christmas trees: AI created a collection of green beauties from global brands

Everyone celebrates the New Year, even artificial intelligence. SHI decided to create his own fashionable Christmas trees, inspired by famous brands, writes WomanEL. And creative Rick Dick helped him bring his New Year's gift to life.

Fashionable Christmas trees. Source: Instagram

Behind any breakthrough technology there are real people. Artificial intelligence is an ideal tool for artists: creatives, designers or photographers. He can do what is impossible to create with the hands and mind of an ordinary person, helps to create incredible curiosities.

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By combining the abilities of a neural network with the flagships of the fashion industry, Rick Dick showed what Christmas trees from world brands could look like:

  • Rick Owens
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Prada
  • Versace
  • Balensiaga
  • Gucci
  • Jacquemus

Rick Owens. Source: Instagram Alexander McQueen. Source: Instagram Prada. Source: Instagram Versace. Source: Instagram Balensiaga. Source: Instagram Gucci. Source: Instagram Jacquemus. Source: Instagram

Certain facts about the history of creation became the basis and inspiration for a fantastically fashionable New Year's gift from AI to lovers of creativity. Neural networks are confidently stepping into the future. Now artificial intelligence is showing us how we can combine those things that cannot be imagined together. So far, AI is doing what humans cannot and is amazing with its results…

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