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Float therapy: how to reboot in 30 minutes

What do you need to relax, recharge and take your mind off constant stress? Of course, high-quality relaxation, one of the options of which is float therapy or floating, writes WomanEL.

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What is float therapy

Floating is a therapeutic method that achieves deep relaxation in a specially equipped float room. It is a capsule in the form of an indoor pool filled with a concentrated solution of Epsom salts (Ebsom salts, magnesium sulfate).

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Thanks to the solution, the body seems to float on the surface. The water is heated to body temperature, so it is practically not felt. The chamber is light and soundproofed, allowing you to completely escape from external stimuli and plunge into a state of deep relaxation.

During floating, your body drifts on the surface of the water, pain gradually leaves the muscles, the mind clears, and you completely relax the spine. Floating continues for about 30 minutes.

One of the leaders in the science of float therapy is Justin Feinstein, PhD, a clinical neuropsychologist and director of the Float Clinic and Research Center at the Brain Research Institute. He studies the effects of float therapy on people with moderate to severe anxiety.

Float therapy is a unique way to help people access states of mindfulness. Floating completely reboots the nervous system,

notes Feinstein.

Floating. Source: Freepik

The health benefits of floating

Float therapy works on several levels at once – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The procedure triggers all the body's recovery processes, restores physical strength, relieves emotional and mental stress, stimulates the production of endorphins, promotes deep meditation, the development of creativity, and improved results from sports training.

Health benefits of floating:

  • reduces the effects of stress;
  • accelerates muscle recovery;
  • reduces depression and anxiety;
  • improves cardiovascular health;
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  • increases creativity and creative activity;
  • reduces tension headaches;
  • improves metabolism and promotes the elimination of toxins.

Deep relaxation. Source: Instagram

In absolute silence, without light penetration, in a warm, concentrated solution of sea salt, on the surface of which your body is in a state similar to weightlessness, this is what you need to reboot. And only after 30 minutes…

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