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Gelya Zozulya against abuse: watch a new mystical clip

Ukrainian dark folk singer Gel Zozulya presented a new single “Ruta” and a video for the new one, reveals WomanEL.

Gelya ZozulyaGelya Zozulya against abuse. Source: Instagram

The inner strength of a woman has become the leitmotif of an incredible work full of feminine charms. It is this strength that allows you to overcome any limitations in relationships.

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As Gelya notes, the story is taken from her personal life and embodied in the image of “the freest bird in a cage.” A girl can be imprisoned as long as she likes it.

According to legend, rue blooms once every few years and is almost impossible to find. Whoever is lucky enough to pick a flower will find his love. However, you never know what awaits you. And even rue can be poisonous, and a fragile bird can turn out to be a dragon,

said the performer.

With her song Gelya Zozulya wants to inspire girls not to be afraid of abusers, to reveal their femininity and enjoy every day.

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