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Golden Gate of Kyiv on the eurobanknote: limited collection of banknotes

On January 13, 2024, the National Reserve “Sofia of Kiev” introduced a special banknote – “zero euro”. This is a souvenir banknote that is important for collectors and lovers of history and architecture. 0 euros depict the landmark of Kyiv – the Golden Gate, writes WomanEL.

0 euros. Source: st-sophia.org.ua

According to information from the Sofia of Kiev nature reserve, souvenir banknotes have a purple tint and are very similar to euro banknotes with a face value of 500 euros. However, their size is identical to the real 20 euros.

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Main The philosophy of the project is to support tourism, popularize the most important cultural and historical monuments, as well as promote the preservation and material support of the European cultural heritage,

reports the press service of the reserve.

By the way, this limited collection of money is created according to the same technology as real Euro banknotes, giving them the appearance and authenticity of European currency. According to representatives of the reserve, such banknotes can be purchased in the souvenir shop under the Bell Tower of the Sophia of Kiev National Reserve or ordered online on the official website in the “Museum Store” section. The cost of a souvenir banknote is 200 hryvnia.

We previously told the story of the mysterious parallel between euro banknotes and their images.

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