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Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford wears Ukrainian again

Kelly Rutherford turned out to be a real fan of Ukrainian designers. The actress, who can be considered a representative of Ukrainian brands, again amazed her fans in a unique way, writes WomanEL.

This time she appeared in a dress from “Gunia Project”, a Ukrainian fashion brand that has won the hearts of not only local but also world stars. Kelly looks flawless in a white embroidered Lukia dress from the brand's collection last year. However, what makes this look special is the distinctly authentic mood.

Method 333 – proof that a capsule wardrobe should only have 9 items New Ukrainian series “Friends” about adventures and risks during the war Kelly Rutherford again in the spotlight, showing off an elegant dress from the Ukrainian brand Gunia Project. Source:

The dress from “Gunia Project” is full of folklore and folk motifs that will not leave you indifferent. The silhouette of the dress is reminiscent of the cuts characteristic of the Dnieper region in the 20th century, and the shirtfront with embroidery based on the image of Adam and Eve found on Chernigov tiles of the 17th-18th century gives the image uniqueness and mystery.

Kelly Rutherford never ceases to amaze his fans with his taste in choosing clothes. Increasingly, she chooses Ukrainian brands, demonstrating not only her desire to support talented designers, but also to demonstrate the diversity and sophistication of Ukrainian fashion. Her choice of outfits becomes another step in discovering the beauty and uniqueness of Ukrainian fashion throughout the world.

By the way, the Grammy winner recently took home a statuette wearing a suit from a Ukrainian brand.

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