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Halle Bailey became a mother for the first time: the gender and name of the child are known

There is good news in the world of show business – 23-year-old actress Halle Bailey and 26-year-old rapper DDG have become parents for the first time, reports WomanEL. The lovers had a son, who was named Heilo – the name translates as “Nimbus.”

The “Little Mermaid” shared a happy post on Instagram, where she showed a shot with the baby. The star noted that the boy was born at the end of 2023, but Holly did not declassify the exact date of birth.

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The best thing What 2023 could do for me is bring me my son. Welcome to the world, my halo,

Bailey wrote.

Remember, the actress and rapper has a long history hid their relationship for a while and officially confirmed their romance only in March 2022. In addition, Bailey did not advertise her pregnancy either in public or on social networks. At social events, the actress appeared in fluffy dresses, where it was difficult to see whether she had a pregnant belly. Therefore, the recent news that Holly and DDG are expecting their first child came as a shock to fans.

We also recently wrote that 48-year-old Natalya Mogilevskaya was stunned to officially become a mother.

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