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Heidi Klum in clothes from Ukrainian brands poses erotically for a fashion glossy

Heidi Klum shines on the latest cover of Glamor, where she wears Ukrainian clothes, which again attracted the attention of the entire fashion world. The famous supermodel chose dresses from Ukrainian brands, which gave her image even more grace and elegance, writes WomanEL.

On the cover of the latest issue of Glamor, Heidi Klum appeared in a delicate white dress from Elenareva, which created an atmosphere of tenderness and romance. Angel Wings Los Angeles and Cartier jewelry added lightness and soulfulness to the image, making Heidi look like an angel, which attracted the attention of readers.

On the cover of Glamor: Heidi Klum wearing Ukrainian brands, celebrating their beauty and elegance. Source: instagram.com/glamourgermany

In addition, at another photo shoot for the magazine, Heidi Klum presented a dress from the Ukrainian brand “Bevza”, which clearly emphasized its sophistication and style. Her choice of Ukrainian designers showed the talent of Ukrainian fashion designers.

In an interview, Heidi Klum openly shared her thoughts on age and aging. The supermodel said that she accepts herself for who she is and does not worry about the reaction of others to her age and clothing style. She believes that every person has the right to be themselves and express themselves through their own style and image, and this should not be judged.

On the cover of Glamor: Heidi Klum wearing clothes from Ukrainian brands, celebrating their beauty and elegance. Source: instagram.com/glamourgermany

I'm 50, not 20. I'm not a young girl who hasn't seen anything and has no idea about life. Time doesn't stand still for me, and Tom will never catch up with me. I will always be 16 years older and I know it. I know I'll grow old faster than him. Maybe in ten years this will become a problem for me, maybe then he won’t like it. In 20 years I will be 70. I usually plan for the future. But now I prefer to live here and now with my husband,

said the star.

Heidi Klum again amazed the world with her elegance and sophistication, demonstrating outfits from Ukrainian brands on the pages of Glamor. Her images amaze with their beauty and uniqueness, emphasizing the style of Ukrainian fashion designers.

By the way, recently a Ukrainian brand set the catwalk on fire at Paris Fashion Week.

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