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Hopes without guarantees: Monroe's confession about war, emigration and faith in Ukrainians

Travesty diva and blogger Monroe did not accept the war for quite a long time. It was a difficult period of hope without guarantee. According to his passport, the star is a man, but he is not hiding from the military registration and enlistment office, although most likely he will not take a weapon in his hands. After the last large-scale attack by the Russians, Monroe expressed her updated opinions on faith in the Ukrainian people, emigration and war, writes WomanEL..

ContentOn faith in Ukrainians Opinion on emigration Gradual acceptance of the war Hopes without guarantees. Source: Instagram

About faith in Ukrainians

According to the artist, everyone is trying to be useful in a single impulse, and it is so powerful, harmonious and sincere that she first became interested in Ukrainians.

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I will always remember February 25th, I go to the market past the military registration and enlistment office, and there are so many people there, like a mini Maidan. Men, women, everyone is focused. Wow! This is how the nation…

told the travesty diva.

Faith in Ukrainians… Source: Instagram

Her Faith in Ukrainians only strengthened during the war. She was a little shocked, how we can unite in extremely difficult times.

Almost two years after the start of full-scale! Yes, there are victims. Big ones. Among the military and civilians, but this is war. Yes, there were hopes, but no one gave guarantees. Yes, there are problems in the leadership of the state, cities, regions, but there are achievements and there are more of them,

the star shared.

Opinion on emigration

Several times during her life, Monroe thought about emigrating. But every time she asked herself if she really wanted it.

Why should I go somewhere if I want to live here, where everything is familiar to me , where I have achieved the almost impossible, where I see and feel changes, where my loved ones, friends and quite a large organic audience that I have nurtured for years, Monroe noted.

Travesty diva and blogger Monroe did not accept the war for a long time. Source: Instagram

Gradual acceptance of the war

Monroe also shared that for quite a long time she did not accept this war, just like war that began in 2014. She voiced the right thoughts, wrote inspiring and patriotic posts, praised the military and volunteers, but in her heart she did not understand why this was her war?

Taking into account the fact that the star’s entire adult life was under the gun of an aggressive society and bullying , bullying and neglect, and only in the last five to seven years the situation gradually began to change, the war was a little incomprehensible to her. Now Monroe’s thoughts have gradually changed… She calls not to give up and stop saying that peace negotiations can end this war.

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