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How and why Ukraine celebrates the Old New Year: history and modern traditions

Ukrainians celebrate the Old New Year on the night of January 13-14, both according to the Julian calendar (old style) and the Gregorian calendar (new style). The Old New Year is not a church holiday, so its date remains unchanged, reports WomanEL.

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Ukraine, unlike many other countries, has an interesting tradition of celebrating the Old New Year. Before the full-scale war, this holiday was distinguished by fun events, traditional rituals and a special atmosphere, but now it is more modest.

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Of course, on this day many people spend shared time with family and friends.

In some regions of Ukraine there is a custom to celebrate the Old New Year in bright costumes, decorating their homes to attract good luck and positive energy. As well as making amulets.

It can also be a time for gratitude and appreciation for the past year and hope for a better future.

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The morning of January 14 begins with sowing. Only the guys go from house to house, sowing the room with grain, wishing the owner and his family prosperity and health during the new year. They wish for a bountiful harvest, numerous livestock, etc.

At this time, it is recommended to get married, then the life of the young family will be generous and joyful.

With the growing popularity of social networks and technologies, traditional congratulations from friends and relatives are switching to electronic format. People often now choose to express their best wishes through instant messaging.

One of the most popular modern traditions is organizing themed (costume) parties. People choose bright, non-standard images, create unique outfits and a festive, cheerful atmosphere.

In addition, the modern celebration of the Old New Year is not complete without gastronomic pleasures. People prepare real culinary masterpieces, experiment with flavors and present new dishes on their tables. Cooking holiday meals together is becoming another tradition that brings people together.

With many families and friends now separated due to war, Old New Year can be celebrated virtually. Get in touch with your family through online applications, this allows you not only to communicate and see each other, but also to sing together or play interactive games, etc.

This holiday, characterized by creativity and a positive mood, promotes bringing people together and creating a unique atmosphere. In addition, the Old New Year is becoming for many a symbol of rethinking the past and planning for the future.

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