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How Olga Sumskaya celebrated the New Year with her lover and daughter

Ukrainian actress Olga Sumskaya amazed her fans with a magical New Year's photo in which she posed with her husband Vitaly Borisyuk and their youngest daughter Anna Borisyuk. The famous family, dressed in festive outfits, looks happy and smiling, writes WomanEL.

Judging by the published photographs, the family cheerfully celebrated the New Year together in a stylish establishment. Olga Sumskaya decided not only to share a moment of joy and happiness with her fans, but to express warm words to them on the threshold of the holidays.

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Native Ukrainians ! Happy New Year! We love and hug each of you! Bow to our defenders! They are our gods! Lord, intercede, save, inspire

the actress said under her post.

Olga Sumskaya revealed her magical family holiday for the New Year. Source: instagram.com/olgasumska

Olga Sumskaya also did not forget to express support for the Ukrainian fighters fighting for the country’s independence. Her words showed great gratitude and support to her fans, who also wish peace and happiness to their native land.

Network reaction:

  • Happy New Year to you. Let it be victorious for us;
  • What a charming family;
  • I want this year to have a hundred times more goodness in Ukrainian hearts.

< p>It is important to note that Olga also has an eldest daughter, Tonya Papernaya, who now lives in Moscow married to a Russian. The actress has repeatedly noted that her eldest daughter refrains from expressing her opinions regarding the war in Ukraine because of the difficulties and restrictions on freedom of speech in the aggressor country. However, Sumskaya continues to express support and love for Ukraine, hoping for a speedy onset of peace and harmony.

By the way, we recently talked about bright congratulations for Olga Sumskaya from her daughter and husband.

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