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How the age difference affects the relationships of Irakli Makatsaria

Lisa Chichua, the 21-year-old wife of businessman and ex-hero of the show “The Bachelor” Irakli Makatsaria, recently shared her impressions of her marriage and revealed how the age difference affects their relationship. The husband is 17 years older than his beloved, writes WomanEL.

On her Instagram page, Lisa answered interesting questions from her subscribers, one of which concerned their age and possible quarrels. The wife of the former “Bachelor” immediately rejected the idea of ​​any quarrel.

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— Do you quarrel with Irakli?

— Never. Perhaps this is one of the biggest advantages of our age difference,

Chichua wrote.

The wife of Irakli Makatsaria says : age is not a hindrance, but rather an advantage. Source: instagram.com/lizachichuaa

She also said that at the beginning of their relationship she had the habit of being offended by Irakl and remaining silent, but this period has already passed.

I used to “frown” because we could not quarrel,

she added.

In addition, Lisa explained the difference in raising their 8-month-old son Georgiy, whom they protect from social networks . According to her, the upbringing in their family circle is different, and she is the one who applies more strict methods.

So, the young couple continues to prove that the age difference can only be an advantage in a relationship, providing variety and mutual enrichment in family life. By the way, recently my beloved Irakli Makatsaria was touched for the first time by footage of her 5-month-old son.

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