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How to make your luggage lighter: 5 cool tips every traveler needs

One of the most stressful parts of preparing for a trip is packing. How many times have you packed everything you thought you'd need, only to realize you'll need five bags to carry it all? How to make luggage lighter?

Content Use the 5-4-3-2-1 packing method How to make luggage lighter: Buy the right suitcase Buy packing organizers Bring lightweight and versatile fabrics How to make luggage lighter: Leave most toiletries at home

Since major airlines have begun raising checked baggage fees, more and more travelers are looking for ways to carry only carry-on luggage. Help is needed? WomanEL shares tips on how to travel light on your next trip.

Use the 5-4-3-2-1 packing method

When planning a trip, it's easy to get carried away with your wardrobe choices. That's why seasoned traveler Hammer Tsui, a travel expert, says they always stick to the 5-4-3-2-1 packing method when they want to travel light.

This clothing countdown will help you limit the number of each type of item you pack. Typically this means you can pack 5 tops, 4 bottoms, 3 accessories, 2 pairs of shoes and 1 swimsuit – ideally all the clothes you'll need for a week-long vacation. You can customize the formula to better suit your specific travel needs, depending on where, when and how long you're traveling.

Using this method, you create a capsule wardrobe that effectively mixes and combine things, which helps you fit everything into your carry-on luggage. When packing, choose a neutral color scheme so that your outfits go well together.

How to make luggage lighter: buy the right suitcase

The type of luggage you use can also play an important role, according to Audrey Kohut, CEO of Luggage Forward. “While it may seem like hard suitcases are all the rage right now, the outer shell can make them much heavier than a fabric bag,” she warns. “You might also be surprised to learn that you can usually fit more stuff in a soft bag. After all, it provides greater flexibility for objects of different sizes and shapes.”

Buy packaging organizers

They're great when you're trying to fit more stuff in a bag, Kohut says. The expert likes to separate packing cubes by clothing type. So, pajamas in one, beachwear in another, pretty evening wear in another, and so on.

“Once you sort everything into the appropriate category, it will be easier for you to reevaluate and determine whether you really need 10 options clothes for a three-day trip or something you can re-wear in different scenarios,” she says. Many organizers have zippers that compress air, making your clothes compact and saving space.

Bring lightweight and versatile fabrics

You may not have thought to pay attention to the material of the clothes you are packing. But if you are purposeful and choose a few things that will work in any environment, it will certainly lighten your load. Ravi Parikh, founder and CEO of travel booking site RoverPass, recommends choosing lightweight fabrics such as merino wool. “It’s gentle and temperature regulating,” he says. “This way you will be cool in the heat and warm in the cold.”

How to Lighten Your Luggage: Leave Most of Your Toiletry at Home

How to save space in your suitcase, Source: freepik.com

Many hotels and Airbnb properties provide items such as soap, shampoo, conditioner and body wash for guests while traveling. If not, “most destinations have shops where you can buy them,” says Julia Saf, travel guru and founder of the website Miss Tourist. “So consider leaving most of your toiletries at home,” she suggests. “This can significantly reduce the weight of your luggage.”

If you can't imagine flying without your favorite foods, at least leave the large toiletries at home. You can buy small containers and pour your favorite beauty products into them.

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