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International Hug Day: 5 Fascinating Facts About This Expression of Emotion

The world of hugs hides many interesting aspects that reveal the emotional depth of our interpersonal connections. On this day, January 21, the whole world celebrates the day of this tactile emotion. Archaeological finds show that the art of hugging spans millennia, and emotions determine how we hug. Today WomanEL delves into the uniqueness of hugs and their secrets.

ContentClassic hugsHugging belongs to our ancient traditionsEmotions control the way we hugHugs are the best medicine against stressAnimals also hug

Classic hugs

The average long hug recorded in a study by Emese Nagy from the University of Dundee was 3.17 seconds. This finding suggests that the duration of a hug is universal, regardless of the gender or nationality of the couples hugging.

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Hugging belongs to our ancient traditions

Hugging has been a part of human interaction for thousands of years. The skeletons of the “Lovers of Valdaro” discovered in Italy indicate that hugs were already used in the Neolithic as an expression of emotional intimacy between people. This tradition continues and is preserved as a sign of warmth and support.

Emotions control how we hug

A German study shows that most people hug on the right side. In situations of high emotional involvement, hugs become a little more unpredictable, perhaps due to the greater role of the right hemisphere of the brain in emotional processes.

How hugs can be the best medicine against stress. Source: tumblr.com/aestheticbeautifulblog

Hugs are the best medicine against stress

Hugging before difficult situations or work can significantly reduce the impact of stress on the body. A study from the University of North Carolina found that couples who hugged before a stressful performance had lower blood pressure and lower heart rates compared to those who did not.

Animals also hug

Monkeys, particularly Colombian spider monkeys, use hugging to express social bonds. This indicates that the need for emotional contact through hugs is not only human, but also a common practice in nature.

Hugs have become an emblem of silent communication, conveying emotions and support that words often cannot fully express. This nonverbal gesture can transform an ordinary moment into a shared feeling of warmth and acceptance, making hugging a magical way of expressing feelings. Hugs from loved ones can definitely save a bad day.

International Hug Day is not only a great way to express love and support, but also an age-old tradition that brings us together in this world of emotional interaction. By the way, we recently talked about why you should go to therapy with a partner, even if everything is fine with you.

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