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It's a girl: Gal Gadot announced a new addition to the family

38-year-old Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot, known for her role as Wonder Woman, announced a new addition to her family, reports WomanEL.

Together with her husband Jaron Varsano, Gadot gave birth to her fourth child, which became known from her post on Instagram.

Sharing a message along with a photo in which she cradles a newborn in the hospital, Gal expressed gratitude for a girl named Ori.

In her note, the star remembered difficulties of her pregnancy, expressing great joy at the birth of Ori, noting the meaning of the name — «my light».

Publication by Gal. Source: Instagram

The actress previously stated that she loves having children:

I love giving birth. I would do this once a week if I could. This is so magical!

Therefore, we can conclude that the fourth child in the star’s family is not the last.

The star keeps her family life as secret as possible. Therefore, no one knew that she was expecting a child. Gadod married Jaron in 2008 and is already raising daughters Alma, Maya and Daniella.

Note that Gal was included in the list of those who supported Israel during the deadly attack.

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