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John Wick in Las Vegas: an exciting travel portal opens up its possibilities

Fans of «John Wick» can step into the blood-soaked boots of Keanu Reeves' super killer and «relive the fantasy, action and danger» depicted in the hit franchise in a new interactive attraction opening at Area15 in Las Vegas later this year.

The John Wick Experience recreates the Continental Hotel's hideout for a fantasy underworld inside a 12,000-square-foot space that also includes a themed bar and retail store, WomanEL reports, citing The Wrap.

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Fans are waiting for a group that will instruct carrying out specific missions, sharing secrets, engaging in culture and inviting into private spaces during high-stakes adventures with actors in the form of immersive theater. Similar to an escape room, but not labeled as such, guests will complete missions with «characters, mythology and iconography» from the Wick universe. They may find help (or obstacles) along the way as «Continental personnel, assassins and crime lords» will also be on hand to offer secrets and maybe a few clues.

An artistic interpretation of the John Wick experience. Source: Daily Mail

The Wick Experience was created by franchise director Chad Stahelski, who collaborated with Egan Productions (the same company behind Saw, Blair Witch and Hunger Games-themed quests).

Keanu starred in the first four John Wick films (2014-2023) that grossed $1 billion at the global box office, with each one being bigger and receiving better reviews than the last.

It was previously reported that Reeves was seen with crutches and the fans were worried.

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