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Katya's old new album Chilly brought with it the spirit of the past

45-year-old Ukrainian singer Katya Chilly, unique with her voice and music, presented the album “Dream”, which she created back in 2001, reports WomanEL. The album includes 11 compositions, each enchanting in its own way.

The album “Dream” created in 2001, received an official release 23 years later,

The star of the film “X-Men” died of a rare diseaseLady Gaga returns with a new musical project after 5 years of break, Katya Chilly shared the news on Facebook.

By the way, the music album is already available for listening on Apple platforms and Spotify.

The singer’s subscribers are delighted and left positive comments under the post.

  • Thank you. It's cool to listen to, like a portal through time.
  • This is simply divine!
  • The world should see and listen to this music, because this is healing magic.
  • You are the sun and the flower. It’s good that you share your treasures.

We remind you that singer SHUMEI recently presented his debut album. 

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