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Laundry Trick #1 That Will Turn Flat Pillows into Fluffy Pillows

Are you tired of constantly fluffing your pillows to find a comfortable sleeping position? Do your pillows quickly lose their shape and you have to replace them more often than you would like? You're not alone—many people are trying to figure out how to wash pillows without them being flat and shapeless.

Content< /span>How to wash pillows: life hack with tennis ballsWhy this trick works

WomanEL knows the solution. We offer you to complete your laundry cycle with a revolutionary solution: tennis balls! These modest sports accessories can be used for more than just training. Simply use them instead of traditional wool dryer balls.

How to wash pillows: life hack with tennis balls

When you put tennis balls in the dryer along with your pillows, these simple but effective tools work wonders to restore the lint in the filling and redistribute it evenly. As the dryer spins, the tennis balls bounce around a small area, hitting the pillows and preventing them from compressing too much. This not only restores the height of your pillows, but also improves airflow, keeping them fresh and breathable for longer.

The tennis ball method works best with fillings made from down or down alternatives.

First, wash your pillows using a method appropriate for their material. Then take two clean tennis balls, preferably without marks or damage. To prevent paint transfer, place tennis balls in a sock. Next, load the pillows and tennis balls into the dryer. Make sure your dryer has enough space for the pillows to move freely; if not, separate the pillows into separate loads.

Once everything is inside, set the dryer temperature to medium to high. Let the cycle run its course, but check periodically to make sure the pillows are fluffing evenly and the tennis balls are effectively distributing the filling. Once the cycle is complete, remove the pillows from the dryer and lightly fluff them by hand to redistribute the filling. You'll immediately notice the difference: your pillows will feel plumper and more supportive.

Why this trick works

Tennis balls are added to the dryer to make pillows fluffy, Source:

A simple tennis ball trick is one of the secrets to keeping your bed pillows fluffy. These bedding items undergo overnight wear and tear, causing the filling to shrink and clump over time. This compression eliminates lift and support, leaving you with flat pillows that are far from that cozy, cloudy feeling you desire.

Meet the tennis ball, your pillows' new best friend. As the dryer spins, the ball bounces, gently but effectively agitating the litter. This stirring is key – it helps break up those stubborn clumps and distribute the filling evenly throughout the pillows. The movement of the tennis balls also increases the air flow inside the pillows, preventing them from becoming musty over time. It's an economical and environmentally friendly solution to the age-old problem of flat pillows, ensuring that every night's sleep is a pleasant experience to look forward to.

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