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Laura Marti and others: 3 atmospheric concerts for the summer mood

Lipen seems to be important for every Ukrainian. The incredible fuss and constant enemy shelling do not add to the mood at all, but life is troubling. WomanEL talks about musical performances that will give you strength and energy, and give you a dash of happy moments. Talanovita Laura Marti, group “Alone in a Canoe” is incomplete Irina Bilik will give you her warm and wide emotions.

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Laura Marti

Unique singer Laura Marti will perform at V'YAVA. Dzherelo: Instagram

11.07 at V’YAVA a unique singer, composer, Ukrainian with Virmenian roots will perform – Laura Marti, who currently lives with Nimechina. Vona enjoys her creativity in world music, jazz, blues, samba, pop, pop-rock and soul. Keep an eye on the discography and singles with extraordinary features – sotsіlna nasolod.

At the concert, Laura Marti concludes her best songs from three pop albums: “Shine”, “Everything will be fine”, “24th”. And you will also feel some special singles that have not reached the scarves: “Independent”, “Bird’s Prayer” and all the new songs.

“Alone in a Canoe”

Concert of the most unusual mainstream group of the region “Alone in a Canoe”. Dzherelo: Instagram

On the 17th of July in the Zhovtnevoy Palace there will be a concert of the most unusual mainstream group of the country, “Alone in a Canoe”. You will feel the victorious songs “Alone in the Field of War”, “Chauvin”, “I Have No Home” and other songs alive.

These songs help us all relate to the emotional cries of war today. Also, along with “Alone in a Canoe”, you can get to the boat meeting for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Irina Bilyk

Icon Ukrainian music artist Irina Bilik will give a great concert. Dzherelo: Instagram

21 linya, on V’YAVA, the popular music industry and recognized by millions, the icon of Ukrainian music Irina Bilik will give a great concert. Between the most popular four-year show, the singer will perform her most famous and already legendary hits.

Among them there will be Ukrainian versions of the tracks “Snow” and “We will be together”, as well as new sounds on there were new sensations. The stench has become sacred to all Ukrainians, having taken away not only a turbo-free life, but also many dear people from some of the fiercest. Nowadays, music gives hope and reminds us of the importance of encouragement, understanding and mad love.

Earlier we learned that Lyapis Trubetskoy will return to Ukraine: apparently, when there are concerts.

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