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Lesya Nikityuk spoke about her open relationship with a man and plastic surgery

Lesya Nikityuk intrigued her fans with new details of her personal life, saying that she was in an open relationship, writes WomanEL. The famous Ukrainian TV presenter openly shared this information with her fans during a conversation on Instagram.

The question about her relationship status caused some surprise among subscribers, but Nikityuk did not lose her traditional humorous approach. She replied that she was currently in an unconventional relationship. However, whether you should believe every word of a celebrity or is it just her characteristic humor remains in question.

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Nikityuk also revealed her position on the possibility of plastic surgery. She stated that she does not intend to undergo such procedures, making sure that she is satisfied with her appearance and body.

I am not against plastic surgery. You can do whatever you want to yourself, the main thing is without going overboard and with a good surgeon. I wanted shorter legs, but then I realized that my legs were fine, I wanted breasts, but the man said that mine was better. Then I wanted to redo my nose, but that also suited everyone. I just go to the cosmetologist and go to sports,

the presenter shared her thoughts.

Lesya Nikityuk amazed fans with her frankness about personal life. Source:

Lesia Nikityuk continues to leave fans delighted with her frankness and humor, revealing various aspects of her life openly and without embellishment.

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