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Liliya Rebrik about quarrels with her loved one

Ukrainian TV presenter and actress Lilia Rebrik, who will soon become a mother for the third time, shared with her fans the secrets of her happy family life. On her Instagram page, the celebrity frankly answered a question about the conflicts in her relationship with her dancer husband Andrei Dikiy, writes WomanEL.

Lilia Rebrik, famous not only for her career, but also for her strong family, revealed that perfect harmony almost always reigns in her personal life. The star emphasizes the importance of a positive approach to life. According to the TV presenter, she and her husband never get into arguments because they understand the importance of mutual understanding and respect.

The famous rapper refused Tonya Matvienko a collaboration Black Jesus on the cross: Christians' reaction to Lil Nas X's new track Lilia Rebrik shares the secrets of happy spouses. Source: instagram.com/liliia.rebrik

I think it’s pointless to waste your life on negativity. It's already very short. People should be able to talk to each other, respect and hear each other. Then many misunderstandings can be avoided,

the celebrity said.

Recall that Liliya Rebrik and Andrei Dikiy met while participating in the show “Dancing with the Stars.” Their love began as a spark on the dance floor and quickly grew into true love. In 2011, the couple legalized their relationship by marriage, and now they are enjoying raising two daughters and looking forward to the birth of their third child.

By the way, the recently pregnant Liliya Rebrik surprised with emotional dances on stage.

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