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Liliya Rebrik put the haters in their place and explained the rare name of her newborn daughter

WomanEL recalls that 42-year-old Ukrainian actress and TV presenter Liliya Rebrik and 45-year-old dancer Andrei Dikiy recently became parents of many children. The couple had a third daughter, who was named Adele, the lovers announced this on Instagram.

Now the TV presenter has admitted why they chose this name for the newborn child. As it turns out, the name is no coincidence. In her photo blog, Rebrik explained that the name Adelina has a special meaning, reflecting family ties. Thus, Lilia responded to those who do not like this name and consider it not Ukrainian.

For everyone who is so worried about the name of our third daughter Adeline . I couldn’t remain silent any longer, because the comments under the previous post were growing exponentially,

the TV presenter wrote.

< p>As it turned out, each letter of the name Adeline symbolizes the letters of the names of all members of their family.

By the way, on March 15, Liliya Rebrik became a mother for the third time.

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