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Lina Kostenko’s poem was read in English: who read the legendary “Wings”

Today, on the birthday of one of the most famous Ukrainian women of our time, Lina Kostenko, the birthday girl’s poem was read by Emma Thompson, writes WomanEL.

British actress, two-time winner of the Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA Emma Thompson, specially for UNITED24, recorded an appeal where she reads Kostenko’s poem “Wings”.

Emma Thompson read a poem by Lina Kostenko “Wings”. Source: Instagram

I am Emma Thompson. I support Ukraine. And I would like to read a poem by Lina Kostenko. “I think about you every day, remaining in unity with and for Ukraine,” said the actress.

Thompson came out in support of Ukraine in the first months of a full-scale war. In March 2022, she took part in a rally in support of Ukraine held in London. Then the artist read in English the work of the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko “The sun sets, the mountains turn black…”

Today Lina Kostenko is 94 years old: we have collected stories from the life and sayings of the famous poetess here.

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