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Married Victoria Maremukha started another relationship with a colleague

Ukrainian actress and model Victoria Maremukha, known for her cheerful and frank attitude to life, does not deny herself new emotions. In a new interview, she opened up about her new romantic relationship, writes WomanEL.

Maremukha admitted that she is in a “friendship-relationship” with her co-star in the film, and this includes both intimate and emotional connections. The actress also shared that she is an open-minded person and can easily become attracted to someone new. However, she noted that her heart belongs to her husband, with whom she lives in an open relationship.

Now I also have a friendship-relationship with a colleague, an actor. They are both within the bed and outside the bed. Yes, we are having such an interesting time now. Somehow it turned out that way, he invited me on a date,

the celebrity admitted.

Victoria Maremukha reveals romantic relationship with a colleague. Source: instagram.com/vicky_mare/

Victoria Maremukha also noted that her husband understands her need for openness, and is ready to let her go if she really feels that this is love and not temporary passion.

The actress believes that frank conversations about their relationship are important , especially for her supportive fans. She notes that every marriage and relationship is unique, and an open relationship does not interfere with a happy life.

I told him this. He says: “I'm afraid of falling in love with you.” I say: “Then assess the risks, it is possible. But you loved many people in your life. It will just be a different love.” I also had many crushes, but I have only one love in my life – my husband,

Maremukha added.

Thus, Victoria Maremukha openly shares her experience and shows that love can find its path in different forms, and most importantly – sincerity and understanding in relationships. By the way, she recently told how she agreed to an open relationship with her lover.

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