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Maternity clothes: SKIMS has released a collection of lingerie for expectant mothers

The American lingerie brand SKIMS from Kim Kardashian has released a new collection of comfortable and fashionable clothes for expectant mothers, reports WomanEL. This unique line features a variety of products for pregnant and nursing mothers, such as high-waist panties, jumpsuits, bras, tops, bodysuits, leggings and lightweight dresses.

The product is made from a soft and stretchy material known as “second skin”, which provides maximum comfort and support. In addition, all products are available in several neutral colors – from ecru to black, from caramel to chocolate, which allows you to choose a shade to suit any style and look.

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SKIMS ensures that the stretch fabric will not restrict movement or create unnecessary pressure on the stomach or chest, but will provide maximum comfort at any time of the day. Interestingly, this collection will also be relevant for nursing mothers, since the cups of bras and tops can be easily unfastened for convenient feeding.

By the way, prices start from 26 to 100 dollars, depending on the type of clothing for pregnant women.< /p>

Let us remind you that the SKIMS company has prepared edible underwear for Valentine's Day.

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