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Meladze's death became known

Today an unexpected event occurred in the life of the Russian singer Valery Meladze. His 90-year-old father Shota Meladze died in hospital after a long battle with the severe consequences of coronavirus and heart problems, writes WomanEL.

Valery Meladze personally reported this loss to the Russian media, revealing details of his father's health condition. It is known that the elder Meladze was in intensive care for a long time, but medical assistance did not save him.

Elena Kravets burst into tears talking about the difficulties of raising her children 5 previously unknown facts from the filming of the film “Home Alone” Valery Meladze decided to suspend his performances due to the death of his father. Source: instagram.com/meladzevalerian

The artist’s father, in addition to the fight against coronavirus, complained of heart pain, which probably became the decisive factor in his death. In this regard, Valery Meladze decided to postpone all his upcoming concerts. His director also confirmed that the reason for this decision was the loss of a loved one. The artist flew back from tour to spend his last days with his seriously ill father.

Probably, the loss of his dad was a considerable blow for the Putinist singer, which forced him to stop his tour and performances. According to journalists, he is in a difficult emotional state, and his Russian fans and colleagues express condolences. Let us recall that Valery decided to support the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

By the way, Dmitry Bilan recently began a self-serving “charitable” visit to Donetsk.

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