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Mishina ridiculed her friend Ellert because he publicly offended her

Ukrainian actress Ksenia Mishina did not ignore the statements of her colleague showman Andrei Rybak, who in his recent interview called her “difficult” in relationships, writes WomanEL.

A famous TV presenter who previously courted Ksenia, namely in the first season of the show “The Bachelorette,” he noted in his statements that the actress “is not for everyone.” He believes that her relationship is complicated by “insulting men” and “not the easiest fate,” so he described her as “incredibly difficult.”

In turn, Ksenia Mishina responded to these words of the showman with a certain amount of irony. She published fragments of his statements on her photo blog and offered her subscribers a “detailed, objective and in-depth” analysis of her personality, turning to “Andrei’s analyst.” This reaction of the actress was accompanied by emoji that caused laughter.

Ksenia Mishina’s ironic response to Andrei Rybak’s statement. Source: instagram.com/misha.k.ua

For a detailed, objective and in-depth analysis of your personality, contact analyst Andrey

Mishina wrote down verbatim.

Despite the above comments, it should be noted that Andrei Rybak himself previously noted that he does not consider Ksenia Mishin his enemy. These words are confirmed by his wife Alina, who also maintains a good relationship with the actress.

By the way, the sick Ksenia Mishina recently showed off her luxury home.

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