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Miss Universe Anna Neplyakh freezes her eggs

Ukrainian model and blogger Anna Neplyakh caused a wave of discussions among her fans by announcing her plans for motherhood. 29-year-old Neplyakh, winner of the title “Miss Ukraine Universe 2021” and participant in the tenth season of the show “The Bachelor,” shared her thoughts with subscribers on her Instagram page. First, Anna posted a message in which she expressed her desire to become a mother in the coming years, writes WomanEL.

I already feel like I can give something to another person. This year, at a minimum, she intends to freeze her own eggs.

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This statement raised eyebrows among her fans, who speculated that the model might be considering the possibility of surrogacy. However, in the next publication, Neplyakh refuted this hypothesis. She noted that she is not against giving birth on her own, but is considering freezing her eggs as a means of protecting her reproductive function for the future.

Anna Neplyakh announced plans to freeze eggs, opening up discussion about reproductive health. Source:

I can’t say exactly how my life will turn out. If I get pregnant, this will happen. But I understand that the body and its reproductive function are not eternal. So why not take care of it now, if, for example, at 50 I want one or two more children,

the model explained.

These statements caused lively discussions on the network, and fans of Anna Neplyakh noted her openness and willingness to answer difficult questions about future motherhood.

By the way, Anna Neplyakh recently showed a sexy photo shoot in a transparent tight dress.

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