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Modern Romance: 5 Most Popular Romance Novels of the Present

The theme of love in literature is eternal; thousands of novels have already been devoted to it. And even more will be written – the depth of feeling allows you to develop the most incredible plots, and modern romance is becoming more and more sensual and creative, writes WomanEL.

Content“The Love Hypothesis”, Ali Geiselwood“Leave If You Love”, Colin Hoover“Where Rainbows End”, Cecilia Ahern “Me Before You”, Jojo Moyes “The Kiss Quotient”, Gelen Hoang

For those who prefer modern books about love, the editors of Vivat offer 5 interesting and inspiring stories, where everyone will learn something different.

Modern romance. Source: pinterest.com

“The Love Hypothesis”, Ali Geiselwood

The absolute bestseller among rom-coms, both in the world and in Ukraine. Not a single modern top book about love can do without it. And all because the text combines a light, fascinating plot and consideration of important issues in the field of women's rights.

An absolute bestseller among rom-coms . Source: Vivat

Ali Geiselwood is known for addressing the important issue of gender equality in STEM in her novels. This acronym stands for natural sciences, technology, technical creativity and mathematics – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. “The Love Hypothesis” is no exception.

The main character of the book, Olivia, is a biology major writing her doctorate and trying to make her way in the male world of science. Her best friend is pretty worried about the girl’s personal life, even more so after she got back together with her ex.

Olive decides to pretend that he has a new boyfriend – if only his friend would not worry so much. The role of the fake beloved accidentally falls to Adam Carlsen, who is known throughout the department for his difficult character…

“Leave it if you love it”, Colin Hoover

Colleen Hoover calls the book “Leave If You Love…” the most difficult book she has ever written. Source: Vivat

The creative directory of the famous author of romantic prose already has close to 20 novels and short stories. “Leave as you go” is one of Hoover’s most popular books. They are now being filmed with Blake Lively in the lead role.

The books tell about the florist Lily, who decides she is ready to give her career and power to her homeland. Two boys immediately fall behind Lily – Riley and Atlas. So now Lily may heal the shadows of the past and change the mechanisms that have secured the lives of the family with a domestic tyrant.

“Where Rainbows End”, Cecilia Ahern

How to carry the brightest feeling from an early age without losing his? Source: Vivat

Cika's romantic books often begin with a description of how the main characters met in childhood. “De the fun will end” must be done before such creations.

Rosie got to know Alex when she was a child. For a long time the stinks were the closest friends. Then, after all, the heroes got into trouble with each other, but they couldn’t get to know each other.

How could they survive the almost painful separation and all the surprises Will you give the heroes a share? And how can we convey the light from the early rocks without ruining it? Based on the book, the film “For Love, Rosie” was made, which made the novel popular throughout the world.

“See You By Jojo Moyes

A touching story about love in spite of all obstacles. Source: Vivat

Kohannya can take away the rest of your strength, and can give you a free life. This is what happened in the novel by Jojo Moyes.

Having grown tired of the boring work of an unloving boy, Louise is looking forward to starting everything from scratch. You won’t know how this meeting with Will will turn out, a young man who will spend time before his disability check.

Vill has not lost his senses I wish I could end the situation. myself. Until until Zustra Luiza…

“The Kiss Quotient” by Gelen Hoang

< img src="/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/c9b541dfc1d207f301f1695d7746d04b.png" />Love exists beyond any logic. Source: Vivat

This is an extremely romantic story, permeated with the joke of understanding one’s sexuality. “Kiss Coefficient” also represents people with Asperger syndrome in literature.

a popular rom-com that represents people with Asperger's syndrome. Vin is interested in making acquaintances and developing normal relationships.

Stella is incomplete in mathematics and through it she receives light. By analyzing and predicting the behavior of buyers and their reaction to a new product, the woman earns her living.

She has a reputation as a gifted fakist, so everything is fine at work , but not in a special way of life. Asperger's syndrome encourages Stella to make friends and have normal breastfeeding. The girl didn’t boast, but made the people around her unhappy.

Speaking to the logical approach, Stella believes that the hour may be to ruin the science of science. Our teacher is Michael, a handsome guy who works as an escort. I know everything about the women’s singing. Pure logic and no feelings. That kohannya is a pose of any kind of logic. And the love of the main characters will be doubled…

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